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I was so excited when my doctor originally ordered my initial Ultrasound scan.  This was around 16 weeks  – just to check the baby’s size and overall health.   I was finally getting to see the little peanut that I was carrying.  But according to my doctor, this was going to be the only one he ordered (unless there was something that they needed to monitor).  Since everything came back fine…. I was a little heartbroken.  I had no clue how I was going to go about the next 23 weeks not seeing what my lil one looked like.  So I started looking around in the area to see if we had any locations that offered elective Ultrasounds.   That’s when I came across Baby Envisions in Troy/Rochester.index~~element866

A little about Baby Envision: “ We are a family owned business that started because we feel so strongly about families and their bonds. We love meeting new clientele and want everyone to walk away from our studio very excited, bonded, filled with love and of course, satisfied with their appointment.     We believe in maintaining safety and quality and because of that we have experienced and educated staff.  All of our sonographers truly enjoy what they do and strive to ensure that you get the most of your time in our office.” (BabyEnvision)

Baby Envision offers 5 different packages -ranging in price from 99.00 to 165.00.  We chose to do the Silver Package.  This package included:
› 25 to 28 minute 3D 4D ultrasound session
› 8 – 4×6 thermal black/white 3D prints
› 4 – 4×6 color prints
› CD with up to 30+ images to print or email
› DVD of recorded ultrasound
› Gender determination if desired
› Similac or Enfamil Baby Promo Gift†

According to the silver package, this was good between pregnancy weeks 20-34.  I really wanted to get a good view of what peanut will look like after he/she was born, So I asked the ladies at Baby Envision what they thought the best time to go was.  Their recommendation was around 28 weeks. This way the baby had enough pudge on his/her body to show the 3D image well, but they weren’t to big to get views of.  So we booked our appointment for the weekend of my 27th week.Baby-Envision-1

We arrived 15 minutes before our appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork.   They were training a new receptionist, but you would have never noticed…. Both the ladies behind the counter were full of smiles and cheer.   You can tell that they do love their job (and who wouldn’t?  The get to see ultrasound pictures All day! )baby-Envision-2
When we originally walked into the Ultrasound room, hubby commented on how it looked more like a hotel room, not an Ultrasound room.  I had to agree with him.  There was a bed for the mama-to-be to lay on (and it wasn’t just a gurney style bed, like I got at the hospital, it was a comfortable bed) There was soft music playing in the background.  And the lights were low – Putting this mama in a very relaxed mood. Throughout the whole session, both the hubby and I were made to feel special.  The tech that we had preforming the Ultrasound has been doing her job for 6 years.  She was able to answer any non-diagnostic questions that we had. And she was able to confirm that our little peanut was a girl!   Throughout the whole ultrasound, she kept commenting on how adorable peanut was, even though Peanut was being a little stubborn with how she was positioned.  This ‘lil one, at one time had both feet, and both hands in her face… plus she was playing with her cord!   Then she went to sleep, and there was no waking her! Baby-Envision-7After the session, we were escorted to the waiting room, while our photos were printing.  That way they could prep the room for the next mama-to-be to see her little bundle of joy.

If you, or a mama-to-be, are in the Troy / Rochester area (or even neighboring cities)  I would recommend visiting Baby Envision for a 3D ultrasound.   You can find Baby Envision on Facebook.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above at a discount in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


[suffusion-the-author display='description'] I am a Single mom of a 6 year old lil man. I work full time away from the house so I am always on the lookout for new things that will make my life easier!

  50 Responses to “Baby Envision Rochester – a 3D Look at our little peanut”

  1. That’s crazy. I don’t even think they had those back when I was pregnant. Oh the technology they have these days.

  2. Oh, Amy! She is so precious! This place – Baby Envision – is AMAZING! That room looks beautiful, and the pictures! So sweet! It’s a great start!

  3. Wow what a lovely room! It’s nice that they make it not hospitally for you to enjoy the experience!!!

  4. oh how precious! We definitely didn’t have them when I had my babies. I would have loved seeing them!

  5. We did a 3D ultrasound when we were expecting our first (12 years ago) and they have only gotten better and better it seems. I think we paid around $350 for it – has the cost come down?

    • We have been to Baby Envision twice: once with both of our pregnancies. I don’t think the most expensive package costs more than $150. Our package was only $100.

  6. Beautiful little peanut! I’m so jealous of the ultrasound technology today compared to when I was last pregnant 13 years ago. In fact, even with multiple ultrasounds I never got to find out if my babies were boys or girls until they were born!

  7. I had a three D ultra sound when my 6 year old daughter was inside me. I also had a 4d ultra sound. I cherish them because it was a great bonding time together.

  8. I do wish they had these when I had babies. THey were just being tried out in a few hospitals. Although it is such a surprise to see the baby for the first time.

  9. I do think these are so neat. But we did not get this done because of the price.

  10. Awwww I love the pictures!! How sweet!! And the room looks so so comfy, what a great place!

  11. Looks like a great place to go! &What a sweetheart!

  12. Wow! How cute! Congrats on the baby! :) Peanut is such a cute nickname 😉

  13. They’ve come so far with ultrasound technology since I was pregnant with my kids! These are so neat.

  14. We never did a 3d ultrasound because my husband thinks they’re creepy. I think it’s kinda fun though to get to see what your baby looks like :)

  15. I had this done w/ our 1st baby, technology is amazing isn’t it – congrats!

  16. I am blown away by this technology. What amazing photos! Wait til your baby sees them someday.

  17. We didn’t do this because of the extra costs. However, since I was so “old” (37) with my youngest, I did get lots of extra ultrasounds!

  18. These machines are seriously cool! I want to do it with my new child.

  19. She’s beautiful already!! So excited it will be here so soon! :)
    That place looks awesome. A nice, comfy bed and comfy couches might make me want to hang out for a while… lol

  20. she’s darling! I never got a 3d u/s but I would have in a heart beat. so fascinating

  21. I Love This I Wish They Had this Technology When I Was Pregnant

  22. You’re not helping my baby fever. lol

    I never did have one of these when I was pregnant with my kids! They’re really cool.

  23. I had a 4D ultrasound when I was pregnant and we got a lot of joy at looking at our baby in utero.

  24. Oh my gosh that is just amazing. When I had my daughter 25 years ago there was nothing like that.

  25. That’s so great! So cute too. We didn’t get one of those with any of my kids but I bet I would have loved to see my babies in 4d

  26. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience that was a perfect fit for the experience you wanted. I didn’t even have an ultrasound with my pregnancies.

  27. Oh, and Congratulations!

  28. I had 3D done when I was pregnant with my toddler 2 years ago. Since I was a high risk pregnancy it had to be done. It sure is a great way to “meet” your baby.

  29. I wish this was around when I had my kids!

  30. I wish this was around when I had my kids!

  31. We have friends who had this done and I was amazed. They’re so clear looking, to be sure!

  32. Awwww how precious. I didn’t do this with either of my boys, but wish that I had. Congrats!

  33. I have known friends that have had this done, we elected not to do it because it is/was so new yet. All of my doctors said not to do it so we decided to wait. I do think it is a neat option though, it was just too new when I was pregnant.

  34. Beautiful! I just had the regular old OB photos done. :( Maybe next time!

  35. i LOVE those 3D shots. When/if we get pregnant again I’m going to get one of my peanut. :)

  36. So fun! I was so curious as to what our little guy was going to look like and this would have been so neat to see! Thanks for the info!

  37. I always wanted one of these when I was pregnant. But it was so expensive back them.

  38. That is so neat! I wish I had done this when I was pregnant. I planned to do it in my last trimester, but I delivered 8 weeks early.

  39. These are so cool! I never had the chance to do one with my kids.

  40. Those are so neat! I can’t recall if they were just starting to be heard of when my boys were born in the 90s or if they weren’t out at all yet.

  41. WoW! That is so amazing! Technology does give us some amazing tools to use. :-)

  42. These 3D sonograms they can do now are amazing! We have a place here in Florida called “Meet the Baby” that does the same thing – really neat

  43. It’s so nice we get to see it in 3D Sonograms – things truly evolve in good way by technology.

  44. So beautiful! Congrats on this wonderful blessing

  45. What an adorable little one! This is definitely quite the set up for an ultrasound! I don’t think I’d ever want to leave!

  46. What an adorable little one! This is definitely quite the set up for an ultrasound! I don’t think I’d ever want to leave!

  47. I did this when pregnant. It was priceless!

  48. We didn’t do this with our first baby, but I may try it out with our current baby! We have our first sonogram next Thursday, so we will find out how far I am then. :)

  49. I came across this off the baby envision Facebook page. I am honored to see that you enjoyed our scan time. I remember you, your hubby, and peanut very well. I do love my job and am registered through the ardms to do ultrasounds and after 4yrs of being surrounded by trauma hospital diagnostic scenes I was fortunate enough to become a part of Baby Envision. I absolutely love our offices (3 of them in Michigan). We get people as far as Canada who come to us for our wonderful reputation and professionalism. I hope to see pictures of your beautiful bundle of joy when she arrives.

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